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If you want to sell your beloved Audi because it no longer suits your needs, then we can help.

Whether it’s an Audi Q7, Audi R8, Audi Q5 or any model that is considered a luxury car then get in touch.

Changing Needs

Perhaps you are moving city or have recently married and plan to start a family. Maybe you are thinking of upgrading to a newer model to keep in touch with the market. Whatever your reason for selling, this is a good time to consider all your options and it should start with a quotation from the people in the know.

Our dedicated team make it easy to sell your luxury car.

Managing Concerns

Naturally, there are many questions asked when sellers’ decide to use us to sell a much-loved Audi, for example. We understand your worries and concerns when selling your luxury car. Here are some of the most common questions raised – if you have some of your own, send them to us right away using our online query form:

  • Q: Can you help with the V5C registration document and MOT?


  • A: Simply tell us what you are missing and we will see if we can track it down at DVLA. If your car is three or more years old, you must provide us with a continuous series of annual MOT ‘certificates’.


  • Q: I owe money on my Audi, do I need to settle the finance before selling?


  • A: Not when you use us because we deal with all the major finance companies on a daily basis. We will settle any money outstanding directly with your loan company – one less thing for you to worry about.


  • Q: What happens to my personal registration number?


  • A: Simply decide if you want to retain or return the plate and we make it happen. Our admin team effortlessly take care of transfers for many customers, and know the procedures DVLA have in place to ensure the change goes smoothly.


  • Q: If I agree to sell the car to you, what actually happens?


  • A: Experience has taught us to keep it as simple as possible. We will contact you by email and ask you to confirm everything. Then we will arrange a collection/delivery date and time. Nothing could be easier.


  • Q: How long does it take payment to reach me, and what payment method to you use?


  • A: We pay by direct bank transfer after settling the outstanding finance. This is secure and reliable. Once we make the payment, the cleared funds will usually arrive in your account within one hour, although this can vary between different banks.

Start by calling our specialist buying team at We Buy Posh Cars on 01423 500 017. Alternatively, you can also complete the form online and send us the information requested so that we can contact you and make it happen.