A beginner’s guide to 4×4 off-road driving.

There are so many advantages to owning a 4x4 but the most appealing feature has to be the capability no other vehicle has that allows a driver to indulge in some off-road driving. One of the most thrilling pursuits you can get up to in your spare time, before you take your 4WD off the [...]

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What are the advantages of a 4×4?

The main difference between a 4WD and 2WD vehicle is that within 4x4 systems all of the wheels can receive power from the engine at the same time. In basic terms, this means that not only do the rear wheels push the car forward, but simultaneously the front wheels pull the car forward. With these [...]

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4×4 Accessories: Essentials you should have in your car

The best accessories for 4x4s do much more than add aesthetic properties. We all know the capabilities of 4WD vehicles and with the right additions these can be stretched even further than you could imagine… or these accessories may just help you tackle tricky conditions. Many of our suggestions are ideal for the off-road driver. [...]

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6 Top Tips for Maintaining your 4×4

Famous for their tough nature, 4x4s are well regarded for their abilities to stand against harsh driving conditions. However to keep your vehicle in top form as an owner you must do your part too. As with any car, without proper care it can easily lead to long term damages. Keep it clean It may [...]

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What is the difference between an AWD and 4WD system?

The terms four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) are often confused for describing the same system. In fact, the two terms are not interchangeable. Despite the fact the advantages for wanting either a 4WD or an AWD vehicle can at first appear to be quite similar, these refer to two different systems that produce [...]

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Driving a 4×4 in Winter

Although 4WD systems are one of the best options for driving in harsh conditions, when faced with unfamiliar terrain it is vital to remain very cautious. The UK is prone to be affected by snow for short periods of time during the winter and being prepared for this will avoid being caught off guard when [...]

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Sell My Range Rover | Get Quote for your 4WD

Are you looking to sell your Range Rover? Do you want to achieve the best possible price for your Range Rover Sport or Range Rover?; then you have come to the right place. We Buy Posh Cars purchase vehicles across the whole of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh [...]

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