The Top 5 Car Films of all Time

  Bullitt (1968) This 1968 classic follows the story of a police officer, Bullitt, who is asked to guard an arrested mobster before he attends a hearing in which he is expected to give incriminating evidence. But the action starts when, due to an internal leak, two hit men are able to kill Bullitt’s colleague [...]

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Tyre Safety Month

October is officially Tyre Safety Month, and while we’re approaching its end, the message is still important. It’s surprising that so many motorists still don’t look after their tyres considering they are the only thing between you and the road. Earlier in the year, TyreSafe conducted a comprehensive survey looking into tyre tread depth at the [...]

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The UK’s Top Driving Songs

Certain songs, and even bands, have become synonymous with driving. Whilst many will opt for silence or the radio, a lot of motorists like to have a song in the background whilst on the road. There are a host of road trip playlists out there, indeed a quick Google search shows 35 million results, but [...]

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A Breakdown of Car Jargon

When it comes to our vehicles, with so much terminology to remember it can be difficult to keep up. Read through our A-Z of the most commonly used car terms to stay ahead of the game. Let’s start with acronyms… 2WD – Two wheeled drive. A four wheeled vehicle where power is sent is two [...]

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