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By using We Buy Posh Cars to sell your Ferrari, you’re able to tap into our team of experienced buyers. Not just buyers we might add, but a team passionate about the legendary Ferrari brand. Moreover, we fully understand that your needs may have changed, prompting you to look for help and it is reassuring to know that here at We Buy Posh Cars, you will be engaging the best brains to help when you ask them to buy your Ferrari.

Priorities Change

Many of our luxury car buyers like to keep pace with the market and look to We Buy Posh Cars for help as they upgrade to a later model Ferrari. Perhaps you are newlyweds looking to move to a new town or city, and you need to start thinking of a luxury family utility as circumstances change. No matter what your reason for selling, it all begins with a quotation from the people in the know at We Buy Posh Cars.

Peace of Mind

Here at We Buy Posh Cars, we understand that many questions pop up when sellers decide to use us to sell a dream car like a coveted Ferrari for example. We help solve all your concerns as you look to us to sell your collectable supercar. We invite you to raise any questions you might have before you decide to sell your Ferrari, simply complete and send through our online query form. Here are a few of the common concerns that crop up when selling:

Q: If I sell my Ferrari to you, what happens next?

A: Quite straightforward, we email confirmation of everything to you and arrange a convenient collection date and time.

Q: Can you help trace the V5C registration document and MOT for my Ferrari?

A: Tell us what you are missing and we will check with DVLA. Please remember that if your car is three or more years old, you need to provide us with a continuous series of annual MOT ‘certificates’.

Q: I have an outstanding loan on my Ferrari, should I settle matters before selling it to you?

A: When you choose We Buy Posh Cars, you need not worry about closing out on finance. We deal with all the major finance companies on a daily basis. We settle any monies outstanding directly with your loan provider, no worries.

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Decision Time

You deserve the best professional service, so let our experts help you achieve the best price for your Ferrari. You are invited to call our specialist buying team at We Buy Posh Cars on 01423 500 017 to start the process of selling your luxury wheels. You can also complete our form online and send us the information requested, and we will get back to you and make it happen.