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Throughout the motor vehicle community, there are a lot of Land Rover enthusiasts fighting the corner for this iconic brand. Their followers are certainly dedicated – but why is the case? We’re taking a look at how the infamous oval logo has become so popular since the beginning of the manufacturing of Land Rover models over 60 years ago.


There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to Land Rovers. With a wide array of specialised accessories you can add your personality to the vehicle. Truly make it your own, whether you choose to enhance the interior with waterproof seats or the exterior with adaptable headlights. Land Rover is also one of the only brands in the world that offers a large of variety when it comes to the body options available for their models. You can choose your favourite based on your needs for the car – show off your style in anything from a soft-top to a truck cab.


There is no doubt that Land Rovers are made up of sturdy materials. The fabrics of the interior are generally extremely water resistant, making it simple to clean off any mud or moisture without causing any damage to the car. Due to the heavy weight of the cars and their 4×4 capabilities, they have a lot of strength meaning that they are great to be used for towing. Inside most Land Rovers there is a huge amount of interior space – suitable for anyone who needs to carry a lot of supplies with them or have a big family! A full length roof rack gives you plenty of room to bring any spare accessories or equipment with you on the road. Love adventure? Land Rovers can be perfect for loading up your bikes and canoes and heading to the outdoors.


The strong structure of the chassis is at a higher level than normal cars. This means if any collisions were to occur, passengers of a Land Rover would be extra safe in comparison to sitting at the lower level of a normal car. The elevated driving position also means that you are able to be more aware of your surroundings. Whilst in traffic you can see over other cars, and whilst on country lanes you can see for miles ahead to check for any upcoming obstacles. Recently the Land Rover Discovery Sport was awarded a 5 star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test; proving that you can feel secure in your driving within a car designed by Land Rover.

Off-Road Capabilities

Like with a lot of 4x4s, Land Rover is a loved brand for those who prefer to venture to the outdoors. The extra traction provided with its ability to send power to all four wheels at the same time, Land Rover models can easily cross sand dunes, drive over muddy tracks and even wade through small rivers. These vehicles were made for adventure, and their success at tackling the outdoors is one of the main ways they have built up their current brand persona.


The design of Land Rover vehicles is certainly well recognised by car lovers across the world. The retro look has been proven to be extremely popular over the years, being chosen countless times in celebrity culture as a vehicle of choice. This has given the cool character of these vehicles a lot of exposure to the rest of the world. Not only are Land Rovers seen as being rugged and ready for adventure, they are also often a chic choice found in many cities worldwide.

Easy to Maintain

With a simple engine design in a lot of Land Rovers, these cars can be easy to maintain even for the most amateur mechanic. Although sturdy, like any car Land Rovers do need your attention and dedication to maintain in a good condition. Fortunately they can be a great car to have a go at fixing up yourself. As there is a competitive market for spares and accessories with these cars, you can grab a bargain if you need to upgrade or replace any parts. The high ground clearance of the car also means that it is easier for you to do a lot of the jobs on your Land Rover without needing to jack up the vehicle.

Good Investment

Most cars quickly lose their value as soon as you drive them away from the dealership. However this isn’t quite the case for Land Rovers. Being in high demand, they are one of the few cars which have minimal depreciation after being bought. Most Land Rover models also fall into the low insurance group, meaning that although there may be an added expense at first for purchasing a Land Rover, over time you are likely to gain back the difference in other ways as well as being able to gain all the benefits from owning one of these colossal cars.