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Bullitt (1968)

This 1968 classic follows the story of a police officer, Bullitt, who is asked to guard an arrested mobster before he attends a hearing in which he is expected to give incriminating evidence. But the action starts when, due to an internal leak, two hit men are able to kill Bullitt’s colleague and nearly kill the mobster.

Bullitt takes on the challenge of finding the leak and the killers while keeping the mobster alive so he can testify in court. This thriller is part action and part mystery, and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Le Mans (1971)

This movie is all about the legendary Le Mans car race in France, which is 14.5 kilometres long, over country roads, and takes 24 hours to complete. It focuses on Michael Delaney, an American driver who is back in the racing game after a terrible crash that killed his fellow drive just one year earlier. The film is known for being an in-depth look at the race and depicting what it’s like for drivers and their families as they give their all for a sport they love.

Grand Prix (1966)

Another movie about racing, Grand Prix tells the story of two race car drivers and the drama that unfolds around the race. After American driver Pete Aron is fired shortly after a crash that injured his teammate, British driver Scott Stoddard, Aron joins a Japanese racing team. The plot thickens as the drivers’ romantic lives add to the story.

Herbie the Love Bug Series (1968 – 2005)

This list wouldn’t be complete without a few lighthearted car movies, and that’s where Herbie comes in. A lifelike car with a personality all his own, Herbie the Love Bug, a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, starred in six family comedies. Herbie can actually drive himself and the movies are usually centred on his adventures with his owner and race car driver Jim Douglas.

After a long break following the release of The Love Bug in 1997, Herbie was brought back in the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded where he falls in love with a yellow Volkswagen New Beetle.

Cars and Cars 2 (2006, 2011)

This Disney – Pixar film is a favourite among kids and car-loving adults. In the animated film, talking cars with fun personalities light up the screen in a story about a race car, Lightning McQueen, who gets stuck in a small town while on his way to a major race. The plot unfolds as Lightning McQueen makes friends with local cars and learns about what it really means to be true friends and a family.

The movie was a big hit and in 2011, Lightening McQueen returned in Cars 2 to compete in the World Grand Prix while his friend, Mater, got entangled in an international spy ring. Cars 3 will be released in 2017.

Next time you’re in the mood to enjoy a classic car movie, give one of these hits a shot. You’ll find yourself enthralled by luxury cars, impressed with amazing stunts and laughing with fun characters from the first scene to the end credits.