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The best accessories for 4x4s do much more than add aesthetic properties. We all know the capabilities of 4WD vehicles and with the right additions these can be stretched even further than you could imagine… or these accessories may just help you tackle tricky conditions.

Many of our suggestions are ideal for the off-road driver. Equip your car so that it is prepared to stand up to any obstacle or tricky terrain that comes your way with these essential accessories for a 4WD.

Traction Ramps

It’s very likely that at some point in their lives most drivers face a situation where their vehicle becomes stuck and they need some help getting out. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to find yourself stuck in a muddy or snow covered spot whilst on your own and do not have any appropriate places to winch the car out, traction ramps may act as a life saver. By wedging the ramps underneath the stuck tyres, you can gain that extra grip you need to drive out of the difficult conditions. Don’t be fooled by how small the ramps look at first – they can support a lot of weight and are a much better option to the old technique of placing a car mat underneath the tyres to drive over!

Dual Fuel Tanks

Installing a second fuel tank can make a huge difference for those who opt for longer journeys in their 4×4. Feel reassured whilst on the road that you do not always need to watch out for the next petrol station. Although some drivers prefer to store extra fuel in their car just in case, having a secondary fuel tank is much less of a fire hazard for your vehicle and saves you having to manually top up your tank in an emergency situation. Secure your chance to cover more terrain with your extra tank offsetting the need to stop as regularly as before.

Dual Batteries

Just as in the case of dual fuel tanks, installing an extra battery within your car can secure your safety when in taking long excursions. This is an option that especially becomes essential with the addition of other accessories on to your 4×4 such as spotlights which will take its toll on your current battery if you do not have a backup. Give yourself some extra confidence in your next journeys with these two safety options!

Winch Kit

It’s imperative to always be alert whilst driving – so make sure your car is always prepared for the worst too. Invest in an electric winch kit to keep in your car for any eventualities where you get stuck either in bad conditions or whilst off-roading. The tool can be simple to use. Just attach the cable to either another vehicle or tree (anything that can handle the weight of your vehicle) and allow the mechanism to pull out your car from its tricky position. A winch kit is also worth always having on you even if you are not driving in difficult conditions just in case you notice any other drivers who may need help from a similar situation.


If your next excursion will be taking you on a drive into the night, spotlights are the perfect accessory for making darkness easy to handle. You can substantially increase your visibility during the evening by adding spotlights on to your car. However if you decide to add this accessory yourself, be sure that you check that the light is placed in its appropriate position so the extra brightness will not affect other drivers on the road.

Upgrading your tyres

Perhaps the most performance enhancing addition to your vehicle, the correct set of tyres can hugely impact your driving experience. The right tyres for you can increase fuel economy, help you clear more ground and give you the best all-round performance for your vehicle. Do your research before opting for the best marketed tyres. See what’s best for your model and upgraded tyres may make all the difference to your 4×4.

Tool Kit

No matter what car you have, having a small tool kit is necessary to help with any unforeseen emergencies whilst on the road. Keep it basic and stick to the essentials – store wrenches, a sturdy jack, screwdriver, a spare tyre and anything else that may come in handy. Make sure you also keep extra store of engine oils and lubricant for any emergency top ups you need to perform. Add a small fire extinguisher to be prepared for the worst.

Survival Kit

Along with your tool kit, you should also keep an emergency supplies kit in case any accidents occur away from a busy road where help can be found. Keep a cooler filled with water and dried food. Make sure you have matches, a torch, a blanket and at a minimum, a basic medical kit.

Equip your car for all situations!