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Famous for their tough nature, 4x4s are well regarded for their abilities to stand against harsh driving conditions. However to keep your vehicle in top form as an owner you must do your part too. As with any car, without proper care it can easily lead to long term damages.

Keep it clean

It may sound obvious but regularly putting aside time to give your 4×4 a thorough clean can be one of the best steps to take to maintain a showroom quality for as long as possible. Washing your car not only improves how it looks aesthetically, but can also keep both the exterior and interior in excellent condition. Any spills and stains within the car should be attended to as soon as possible to avoid any leaks which can impact your car. Even if your car appears spotless at a glance, dust in the interior can also cause major problems, so keep up to date with your car’s cleaning needs throughout all times of the year. There are many benefits to rinsing the exterior of your car. Removing any unwanted debris or grime will prevent any staining and can also help stop the paintwork from fading. Leaving a car dirty for too long can have a big effect on the top coat of your car’s paintwork, meaning it is likely to fade prematurely without the proper care it needs.

Check the transmission fluids and battery

4×4 vehicles are much more dependent on transmissions than regular 2WD. Frequent gear changing can affect these fluids quicker than normal. This means that if the transmission fluid overheats, its effectiveness as a lubricant is lost much quickly and this can lead to a dramatic wear on some of the critical internal parts. It is imperative for a 4×4 owner to regularly replace the transmission fluids and make sure they are filled before heading out on a trip to ensure the effectiveness of this vital component of the vehicle is in its best possible condition. It is recommended that once per month you should check both the fluids level and make sure the batteries are solid. Although it may be a time consuming activity, it can save a lot of time in the long run; helping to avoid any incidents whilst you’re on the road at a later date.

Preventing rust

For any car rust is never a good sign. However, prevention is possible and stopping rust occurring on your 4×4 doesn’t have to take a lot of your effort. At least twice a year set aside time to apply an oil-type treatment on the body parts of your 4×4. Not only will this help maintain the good condition of your vehicle but it can also add to the overall shine and look of the car.

Watch out for leaks

The transfer case is a vital part of 4WD cars that move the power from the transmission to the axles of the car. Although they don’t usually overheat during driving, if this does occur in your car it can have drastic effects on the vehicle. The fluid in the transfer case can leak meaning that other components of the car are not properly lubricated. This can quickly wear down the mechanics of the car or in some cases even cause failure. It is extremely important to check the fluid level within the transfer case to avoid this happening. Filling the fluid poorly can also lead to leaks further down the line, so even if you have recently replaced the fluid in the transfer case it is worthwhile to double check that this has been done effectively.

Take care of the differentials

The differentials are the sets of gears which enable the wheels to operate at different speeds on a 4×4 vehicle. These components need to be kept well lubricated in order to run effectively. Before any journey it is worth checking the level of lubrication on the differentials as well as seeing if there are any leaks or discolouration from water contamination. If you notice a leak or that the lubrication has turned to a whitish colour, this should be repaired as soon as possible. Heavily using the gears also requires a good amount of lubrication on the differentials. Otherwise, with insufficient oil it will lead to the premature wear of the differentials and this can have an impact of the functions of the brakes.

Get it checked by the professionals

To keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, regularly having it inspected by those that understand your car inside and out can be an excellent precaution for maintaining your 4x4s performance and aesthetic qualities in the long run. Don’t forget that a team of professionals are the best port of call for having the top tools and products for your car. Sometimes it’s best to ask for a bit of help!