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The main difference between a 4WD and 2WD vehicle is that within 4×4 systems all of the wheels can receive power from the engine at the same time. In basic terms, this means that not only do the rear wheels push the car forward, but simultaneously the front wheels pull the car forward. With these two actions put together 4×4 vehicles have the capability for more power and therefore have more traction on the road surface. They can grip the road more easily giving the car increased stability.

So what are the advantages this system can give the 4×4 driver?

Off-road driving

The higher level of traction gives an advantage over all 2WD vehicles for its ability to tackle difficult conditions. 4x4s allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible landscapes in the countryside. Whether it is making your way up a steep slope or driving through mud or sand, 4WD is the perfect option for making your driving experience an adventure. These feats are achievable for 4x4s based on a number of features. The extra power sent to each wheel allows the car to gain the momentum needed to remain stable and continue the pace on slippery conditions. The large tyres also allow extra grip and can cover more ground than those on a 2WD. This is why certain 4WD technology is used within occupations in the countryside that require people or fixtures to get to an otherwise hard to reach spot; in cases such as to repair a small bridge that has collapsed in bad weather. Regardless of the reputation of 4WD, for your own safety always be sure to check the capabilities of your vehicle before attempting to drive off-road.

Added safety

As mentioned earlier, the extra stability 4×4 vehicles have on the road mean that the driver has heightened control of the car. The elevated heights of the cars also mean that drivers have better visibility over the road in front of them, meaning it is easier to spot any hazards. Being more aware of your surroundings can only lead to fewer accidents. The weight of the car also gives passengers added protection if any collisions were to occur, making being inside a 4×4 the safest place to be during any accidents. This reputation of 4x4s being safe and secure has added to the popularity of these vehicles over the last few decades.

Take your choice

Almost all modern 4WD models allow the driver to switch between 2WD and 4WD systems. Depending completely on your preference of what system works best for you under the road conditions, you can gain the benefits of both 4WD and 2WD in one car. As when in a 2WD it is not possible to switch between the two options, having a 4×4 allows you to take advantage of having the choice between the two. This gives the driver the ability to fully concentrate on the road, whilst the car does the handling for you when necessary.

Added room

The typically large interiors of a 4×4 give you a lot more space for either extra passengers or supplies. This can help make any trip much easier as you can be prepared for all situations! Love camping? 4WD vehicles not only allow you to tackle the country roads at ease but you can also be assured there is plenty of room in the back to cover all the equipment you need over your break.

Better overall performance

The increase in traction and stability gives you a better and secure driving experience. Comparing this to the performance of a 2WD car, the additional cost for the 4WD model is minimal when you consider how much of a difference there is in the driving capabilities. The 4×4 technology is constantly developing (having inspired the newer AWD systems) and can now be found in a variety of vehicles. It does not have to only be concerned with trucks and SUVs – your choice for a better driving experience is unlimited when it comes to the 4WD system.

4×4 give the driver extra comfort and convenience. If you need the extra features 4WD can give you for your driving experiences, strap on your seatbelt and start the adventure.