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A beginner’s guide to 4×4 off-road driving.

There are so many advantages to owning a 4x4 but the most appealing feature has to be the capability no other vehicle has that allows a driver to indulge in some off-road driving. One of the most thrilling pursuits you can get up to in your spare time, before you take your 4WD off the [...]

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What are the advantages of a 4×4?

The main difference between a 4WD and 2WD vehicle is that within 4x4 systems all of the wheels can receive power from the engine at the same time. In basic terms, this means that not only do the rear wheels push the car forward, but simultaneously the front wheels pull the car forward. With these [...]

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Why you should buy a Land Rover

Throughout the motor vehicle community, there are a lot of Land Rover enthusiasts fighting the corner for this iconic brand. Their followers are certainly dedicated - but why is the case? We're taking a look at how the infamous oval logo has become so popular since the beginning of the manufacturing of Land Rover models [...]

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4×4 Accessories: Essentials you should have in your car

The best accessories for 4x4s do much more than add aesthetic properties. We all know the capabilities of 4WD vehicles and with the right additions these can be stretched even further than you could imagine… or these accessories may just help you tackle tricky conditions. Many of our suggestions are ideal for the off-road driver. [...]

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Sell my Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan has been in production since 2014, and won car of the year in South Africa (2015). If you have an Porsche Macan and are looking to sell, then look no further. With our team of experienced buyers, we offer one of the simplest and most competitive solutions to selling your Sports, 4×4 [...]

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Sell my BMW M3

The BMW M3 is a superior version of the BMW 3-Series. BMW's motorsport team developed this luxury model. The last M3 Coupe model was produced in Germany on 5th July 2013, and this was replaced by the M4 coupe and convertible starting with the 2015 model. The M3 title remains for the saloon version. The [...]

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Sell my BMW M5

The BMW M5 launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984, since then other it has set an incredibly high standard for all other super saloons. No other saloon offers the BMW M5’s combination of mind-bending straight-line performance, dynamic ability and everyday usability and the stylish exterior completes the package. The M5 has been an [...]

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The Top 5 Car Films of all Time

  Bullitt (1968) This 1968 classic follows the story of a police officer, Bullitt, who is asked to guard an arrested mobster before he attends a hearing in which he is expected to give incriminating evidence. But the action starts when, due to an internal leak, two hit men are able to kill Bullitt’s colleague [...]

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6 Top Tips for Maintaining your 4×4

Famous for their tough nature, 4x4s are well regarded for their abilities to stand against harsh driving conditions. However to keep your vehicle in top form as an owner you must do your part too. As with any car, without proper care it can easily lead to long term damages. Keep it clean It may [...]

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5 top tips to improve fuel economy

By making just a few changes, you can improve your fuel economy and get more out of your car each time you fill up your tank. With these changes, you’ll save money, and who isn’t looking for ways to keep more money in their bank account? Even if you don’t have a “fuel efficient car,” [...]

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